An Enduring Power of Guardianship enables you to authorise a trusted person to make decisions regarding your health, lifestyle, medical treatment and end of life options.


An Enduring Power of Guardianship can also be used by your nominated Guardian to manage your living arrangements, and may be necessary for registration at nursing homes or assisted living facilities.

Your appointed Guardian will only make these decisions for you if you are no longer able to do so yourself. They cannot decide for you while you are still of sound mind.


Enduring Powers of Guardianship are not just used when someone permanently loses mental capacity.


Often people find themselves in a situation where they may be temporarily unable to make decisions for themselves; for example, they may be hospitalised or suffering from illness.


If this occurs, your nominated Guardian will be able to make decisions for you on a short-term basis, before reverting the power to you in full when you are well again.


It is too late to make an Enduring Power of Guardianship once you permanently lose mental capacity.


Although people often lose capacity toward the end of their lives, people can unfortunately be affected by illness or accident at any age.

If you lose mental capacity and do not have an Enduring Power of Guardianship in place, your family may need to apply to the State Administrative Tribunal to be appointed your legal Guardian. This can be a stressful, time consuming and costly exercise.


Therefore, the best time to make an Enduring Power of Guardianship is now.

Did you know


You only need to make an Enduring Power of Guardianship once. 


Unless you chose to revoke or change it, it will be valid for the reminder of your lifetime.


An Enduring Power of Guardianship can be retracted by simply destroying the original documents.

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